Certified Mail Information

The certified letter informed you of matters related to the vehicle up to its being disposed of at a Lien Sale Auction.

Unless you sold or transferred the vehicle before it was impounded you are responsible for the vehicle and the charges owed, and you need to make arrangements to remove the vehicle from our lot as soon as possible to prevent additional charges from incurring.

Once the vehicle has been disposed of at an auction, our collections department will bill you for any amount not recovered. If you sold or transferred the vehicle before it was impounded, this means you had no interest in the vehicle.

You will need to provide proof of release of liability to prevent any action being taken against you in an effort to collect charges owed.

Items that establish proof of release of liability:

  1. A Bill of Sale notarized prior to the date the vehicle was impounded at our facility.
  2. A print out from the Department of Motor Vehicles detailing the date:
    • You turned in the license plates to the DMV
    • You transferred the license plates to another vehicle
  3. Documents relinquishing your interest in the vehicle notarized or stamped by the DMV prior to the date of inpoundment.