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  1. “On several occassions your driver has answered AAA calls for me. He has always been personable, consciencious and helpful. He is a fine representative of and for your company. Please know I have greatly appreciated his assistance when I have had car problems. It is a comfort to know there are individuals interested in providing quality service.”

  2. “I lost my transmission fluid by a line break just as we pulled into EspaƱola on a Sunday afternoon and became stranded at a Shell station. I called AAA and they sent ‘Frank’ with Holmes Wrecker Service to tow us to a service shop. Frank called to say he was on the way and arrived in a short time. He was very polite and got us loaded onto his truck quickly and with little fuss. Frank even suggested a service shop where it would be safe to leave the car overnight, a motel to stay for the night AND took us and our luggage to the motel. He was a big help and a relief to meet when I needed the help. Thank you, Frank.”

  3. “The other day, my car died in the driveway. Neighbors known and not known pushed me out into the street for an unsuccessful attempt to charge and pushed me out of the middle of the street to avoid oncoming traffic. A sweet fella from Holmes Wrecker Service came very quickly, made me smile with a ‘Boss Lady,’ and we talked about babies, grandbabies and the glories of sweet moms who still iron pillowcases and make beds with hospital corners. A gentleman at Firestone called me ‘hita,’ and a youngster at the restaurant was solicitous, gracious and told me I was really lucky to have such an awesome waiter. Gentlemen all. Lady in Distress, and the six of them turned this harried ‘viejita’s’ mood and evening around. I feel lucky to live here.”

  4. “Anthony, we want to thank you and your wife for saving us in our time of need. Your professionalism and promptness were greatly appreciated. After 28 years, if the wrecker thing does not work out you would make a great tour guide!!”

  5. “Sunset on a remote bad forest road, 5 miles in, alone, two flat tires (same side) on cargo van, with small dog. Bracing myself for a nightmare, hitched a ride to nearest working phone (20 miles), called AAA and learned they don’t service forest roads, pavement only. This was grim and getting grimmer. Then, over the hill comes Anthony, loads me and dog up, back to van site. I don’t move, stay in truck as instructed (safety first!). Anthony is a dreamboat of competency. Change tire, load van, tow back to highway. Back to town (80 miles?), drop van at tire store, delivered to home back door by 10:00 p.m. Dog slept whole time. Great stories en route, learned a lot about towing and safety. Repaired and rolling by 9:00 a.m. next day.
    Was it expensive? Yes. Was it worth it? YES. Every step was a model of courtesy, competency and comfort. A knight in a tow truck. Amen.”

  6. “Holmes Wrecker saved me and my family…we called AAA for service not knowing exactly where we were and a nice and very knowledgeable gal from Holmes called my cell and quickly figured out our location and sent Frank out to tow our vehicle to Santa Fe from north of Abiquiu. AAA should have more companies like this to assist in these type of emergencies. Thanks again from the Thomas family.”

  7. “Thank you Kathy and Robert!

    Holmes Wrecker helped us out in a difficult situation, they were very professional and courteous. We really appreciated their service.”

  8. “John from Holmes Wrecker Service responded to my AAA call. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me out. I would have been in a very difficult situation without his help. Thanks Holmes Wrecking Service; you earn an A+ from me.”

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